Amy Estrada (She/Her/Ella)

Owner, Certified Yoga Instructor, Licensed Professional Counselor

As both a yoga practitioner and mental health, somatic therapist, Amy deeply believes in the importance of the mind + body connection. 

Amy opened Luna Yoga PDX because she felt the need for more BIPOC led + trauma informed spaces in the wellness sector. As a Latinx person who has felt not reflected and at times activated in wellness settings, she wants to create a yoga space driven by an anti-oppression lens.

When students attend Amy’s classes, they can expect to be led through a series of yoga asana at a pace that allows time for breath awareness, exploration of embodiment and cues to incorporate yoga props. Amy uses trauma informed language, gender neutral instructions and focuses on cues that empower her students. It is essential to Amy that her students feel safe, respected and seen in the yoga studio. 

As an outsider to the origins and cultural practice of Yoga, Amy is committed to practicing and teaching yoga ethically and to engage in ongoing education to do so.

Amy hopes you will join her at Luna Yoga PDX for movement + breath + community.